Wednesday, January 11, 2012


At my beginnings in photography, sometimes i tend to shoot a certain scene and the result would come really something else from what i imagined.sometimes that photo turn to be better than what was in my mind.
and this photo specially is one of these cases.i wanted to shoot the pigeons didn't notice that there is a man praying a little far away.

the name "hadeel" means the dove voice.
in Arabic culture, it has been said before that the dove had lost her lover and named "Hadeel" ,she cried him with heavy tears, and always mentioned his name in her words all the time and still live his memory even they called on her voice "hadeel"!

this photo reminded me with some words for nizar qabbani.
"اني أبحث عن كلام يقول ما في قلبي دون كلام..أو عن شعر يقطع المسافة بين صهيل يدي وهديل الحمام..ـ"

i changed it a little bit.

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