Thursday, January 19, 2012


2 Weeks ago.i sent my c.v and a sample of my previous work to CIC (Contemporary Image Collective) art foundation, as they announced a workshop under the title "The Image of Movement" By the Artist Doa Aly,
discussing the book "Cinema 1-The Movement Image" by Gilles Deleuz.
and it really was a great day when i knew that i was accepted.
but before i knew this.i really had a great chat with Doa, and i have done some reading about Deleuz and his book.and this inspired me to make this album under the theme "Struggle".

Words About the album.
An Artist, A Writer
he has always that inner struggle inside of him struggle of thoughts,ideas and words.
he feels like there is another person within him, sometimes that other person holds the pen and writes his words.

"حياتي ...
هي رحلة طويلة..لا اتذكر بدايتها..ولا ارى نهايتها

صراع يدور في راسي دوما..افكار تجذبني..و اخرى تطرحنى ارضا
و بين الشرق و الغرب اجد نفسي حائرا..
لعلي اهتدي الى نفسي يوما..و لكني اليوم سأكتفي بالكتابة"

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